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Ankle Sprain

Mostly, the sufferers of this injury are athletes and those who have sedentary lifestyles. The onset of the sprain occurs while a person is walking or during sports. You can have this sprain if the ligaments of your ankle joint are injured. Ligaments are characterized by elastic and band- like structures which holds the bones that make up your ankle joint together.... Find out more...

Arthritis Symptoms

The most common type of arthritis in the world is the osteoarthritis. In general, this form of arthritis affects the elderly patients. There are a number of kinds of arthritis which can affect individuals even at very early ages. Among the 100 different kinds of arthritis, the following are the most common ones with their respective signs and symptoms. As aforementioned, the Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis. This occurs when cartilage is no longer elastic. In... More on this site..

Aspergers Symptoms

There are only a few people who know about this disorder. Boys are more likely to be affected by aspergers than girls. Generally, the patients find it difficult to make friends with other people. Oftentimes, they make use of language in a different and odd way. They also usually take the literal meanings of the things they see and hear. As far as routines are... To read more click here...

Autism Symptoms

In general, this disorder is diagnosed based on certain criteria for impairment in activities, interests, social interaction, communication and imagination. For this reason, there is no concrete definition of the term autism. One of the reasons why it has been controversial is that a child who has it does not display any... Source of information..

Blood Clots During Period

The instant idea is to get concerned and seek medical assistance. However, the clotting is normally a sign of heavy flow. Except when the clots are far too consistent and also accompanied by pain a doctor is not needed. These kinds of clots are completely normal while having monthly periods. You could be one of the females who get worried quickly. Therefore, it is time to let those worries off your mind. According to the... Click here to continue..

Blood Pressure Chart

The blood pressure that you see in hospital charts and health insurance files is composed of two numbers, one on top of the other. The number on top is the systolic pressure. The systolic pressure is the pressure of the heart while it is contracting. The number on the bottom is called the diastolic pressure. The diastolic pressure is... More on this page..

Brain Tumor Symptoms

It is normal for people to have headaches and they are usually relieved with a pain killer. But there is a characteristic headache for brain tumors since the headaches in people... Source of information..

Clinical Depression

These medications however, aren’t the only cure for a person with depression. They even have side effects, has unfavorable reactions with other medicines and there are times... More on this site..

Constipation Symptoms

There are a number of natural foods and medications that can cause constipation as their side effect. If the attack is frequent and that it is chronic, it may mean that there are serious problems with your colon. Constipation is... Read more..

Depression Test

When a person feels depressed, the mood is usually very low and there is no motivation to perform any activity. This low... Source..

Dry Cough

Research states that it is one of the most common respiratory conditions that people all over the world experience. Since it does not choose whom to strike, medical experts have come up with a wide variety of medications to cure it and many reliable experiments have shown some natural and home remedies to be effective in treating this respiratory problem. The following are a number of home remedies you can try when couch hits you. The irritation... Read more..

Excessive Bleeding During Period

Several medical scientists assume that a deficiency of iron encourages bleeding, which results in a much greater a deficiency of iron. To fix anemia, take in herb teas from natural herbs which have higher amounts of iron such as oat straw, red clover, nettle, herb, goji berries, red raspberry, and rooibos. These can be bought... Find out more...

Gender Predictor

They say that if it is sweet, the mother is carrying a female child. On the other hand, if she is craving for bad things such as pickles, it will be a boy. All of these opinions... To read more click here...

Glaucoma Symptoms

Optic nerve is the primary visual nerve which is responsible for the transmission of impulse from what we visualize to the brain. In the case of glaucoma, the optic nerve is damaged which results in the impairment or even loss of the side vision. If this condition is not treated, the individual who suffers from side vision loss can also... More on this page..

Hand Washing Facts

Hand washing is one of the most important activities that every person must practice doing correctly in a regular basis. As we all know, germs and other contaminants are found everywhere and the hands are considered among the dirtiest parts of the body. This is because the hands are a person’s main tools in... Find out more...

Hangover Cures

Drinking a lot of water can replenish the body of all its needed hydration so that the cells and the organs can function properly again. Doctors suggest that when a person decides to drink during a night out with friends, every glass of alcohol must be followed by a glass of water. This will make sure that the fluids are equalized and you will not get easily drunk as well. Sleeping and resting is also very important. Many people... Source..

Heavy Period With Clots

Recommended strength of this treatment is 6c while the advised dose is 3 to 4 times each day, during your menstrual period. If you experience any relief from the symptoms, then you should carry on until finally the problem is remedied. You can begin taking medication again twice daily for... More on this site..

HIV Symptoms

HIV is the acronym for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This type of virus is very dangerous since it is the main culprit of a condition called AIDS or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Having AIDS is very deteriorating to one’s health since there are people that can die due to... To read more click here...

Itchy Skin

There are actually different causes on why the skin may be itchy. Occasional itching of the skin is actually normal especially when it is just brought about by dust... More on this page..

Kidney Pain

As it fails to perform its vital functions, pain can be felt in the flank area. One of the most common kidney pain causes is the formation of a kidney stone.... Find out more...

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